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New: Jazz Shawl Throw Cape

available in nine colors!

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Lightweight, soft and fasionable Jill shawl

New in our fashion collection!

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Genuine Dutch Products!

The interior accessories and rub-down products of the Knit Factory are surprisingly different and shockingly normal at the same time. Unusually ordinary to be precise. Designed and produced in the Netherlands, the products give forth a certain good sense and feeling of durability. Design and luxury with coziness and functionality. That is what the Knit Factory stands for.   

The trademark of the Knit Factory is definitely the unique combinations of the knit work and fabric that we use. Warm and homely and certainly something different! Whether it’s a pot holder, a lampshade, robe or cozy bags, all our products are recognizable and have a style that is very typical for the Knit Factory. Like a though giant with a small hart. Strong and soft at the same time. The Knit Factory stands for indestructible vintage.   

New in our collection, in 5 colours
Shoulder bag
Convenient for traveling
The newest cushion of Knit Factory
Lynn baskets
a whole new product in our collection