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Knit Factory - a 100% Dutch brand!

Surprisingly Dutch 
The products made by the Knit Factory are independently designed and produced in a traditional way in The Netherlands. In one of the last knitting factories to be precise. In a time where it is normal to produce your products in low income countries, this is considerate to be very unique! Due to the fact that the Knit Factory controls the entire process, you can profit from guaranteed quality and short delivery times.  


Surprisingly Natural 
From colors to materials, everything about our product is natural, strong and durable. The accessories in natural tones have a robust and rural feel and are neutral without being boring! That you don’t have to scream in order to standout is proven by the details made of leather, rope and coconut. Coarse has never been so refined.  


Surprisingly sound 
A piece of fabric and yarn will have to be of a very good quality in order for it to be used in a pillow, towel or cozy bag of the Knit Factory. Only natural materials who are colorfast and retain their shape, pass the test. We would like to bet that you will enjoy these user-friendly living- and rub-down product year after year? And you will enjoy many attractive accessories that are more than just good to look at.  


Surprisingly modern  
Knitting is back. Actually it has never left to be precise. At the Knit Factory they have known since 1982 that combining fabric and knit work leads to remarkable creations. They are not shy about thinking of- and creating new products that are completely logical and yet unique. Why only have knit work in your wardrobe? The Knit Factory prefers to think out of the box. And directly into your home.